Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sunset in Boracay

This photo was taken by the infinity pool @ Shangrila Boracay

Here's another one:

Here are some other shots. I really love sunsets. I always make sure I capture sunset photos wherever I go.

It's nice looking at it while reflecting about what's happening on your present life. Calming... Feels more contented...


coyski said...

Emote-emote talaga pag sunset, parang "haaay nakatapos na naman ang araw." if you had a bad day. At the same time if you had a best day, sunset means its the end... kinda sad. Kasi sometimes you want to live in those moments in a long time.

*ume-emo lang.

Ms. A said...

Yeah, i dunno why I love sunset more than sunrise. Hmmm... maybe it's because, i wasn't able to catch sunrise dahil humihilik pa ako hahahh.