Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lato (Seaweeds)


Does anyone here know what this is? This is Lato, a grapelike saeweeds which is a good accompaniment to fried or grilled seafoods. Lato is best consumed raw. Just add onion, tomato and some vinegar or calamansi (Philippine Lemon) juice in it and presto! Watta nice treat! But beware, don't let your lato stands long on a vinegar or calamansi juice because it gets dehydrated so fast on contact with anything sour and becomes wilted. There are 2 variants. The one above and the other one is smaller and greener in color. It is a good source of iron. iodine, calcium and vitamin A and C.

Eating Lato is just like having a burst of the ocean on your mouth.


coyski said...

I love eating and having a "burst" of the ocean on my mouth. hahaha

Anyway, aside from eating it RAW, people here in BOhol eat that along with kwek-kwek. (just like pipino+kwek-kwek in Cavite/Manila.

Ms. A said...

wow that would be nice. i'll try that. I've heard that there's already lato plantation in Bohol. Am I right?