Thursday, August 25, 2011

Loving Lobster

Lobster (Panulirus sp.) locally known as banagan, is an expensive priced marine crustacean both in local and international markets. It is caught using bottom gill nets and the availability of stocks is dependent on a day’s catch.

If there's another reason why I want to come back to Boracay, aside from the crystal clear water and powdery sand, it's definitely the lobster. The photo above was cooked in Lemon butter sauce. Got this 2 pcs lobster for Php700 @ d'talipapa then had it cooked by the "palutuan" beside the market. It's a bit expensive but the taste justifies the amount of money you spent. Anyway, you're not going to have it everyday. Take it as a reward for all the hardships you've done LOL.

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