Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hongkong Disneyland with just me, myself, and I... :P

Yeah... It's hard roaming around a beautiful place like this alone. Know why? There's actually several reasons... First... you don't have someone to HHWW :P (Holding hands while walking dears LOL). Second..., I can't have  a picture of me beside those great views. Huhuhuh, really sad! Isn't is funny seeing someone taking her own picture using a DSLR. Grrr, heavy dear hahahah. I must have brought my tripod with me!!!

Anyway, I was able to have some. How? Whenever I hear someone talking in Tagalog, I look around and ask a favor. Lucky me, lots of Pinoys there that time.

Okay, lemme share some of this pics I got.

The entrance:

Hmmm... Christmas tree!

Some more views inside:

Where's Mickey and Minnie? Ughh! Got Fed up with those people who don't know the meaning of the word "cue". Hmmpt!

Maybe next visit...


Vallarfax said...

Thanks for sharing. Uhm, there's nothing wrong being alone walking inside a theme park. (That was my introvert self saying. Haha!)

Be safe on your travels. =)

Ms. A said...

No problem sir. I'm just sad I don't have a personal photographer hahahah.

coyski said...

Personal Photographer?? ehem! hahaha.

Awesome pics.. I wish I can bring my daughter there someday.

Ms. A said...

My sore throat ka coy? hahahah.

Look for some good deals @ cashcashpinoy. maraming affordable deals don.

jssica wabbitty said...

Nice! I havent been there but I will this January. Im actually excited to be there and I know you had an awesome time. :)

Ms. A said...

Good luck sissy. You'll surely have a blast! Hope we can meet sometime on one of our travels.

kath said...

wow, you're really adventurous to travel alone...i don't think i can do that :)
visiting from GT

Ms. A said...

thanks for dropping by GT sis. You can do it as well.

Kuya Keith said...

Wow! I'll be there on Sept. 30. :) naexcite ako!

May nagsabi sakin na may promo ang HK Disneyland. Nagooffer daw sila ng 50% OFF sa mga bibisita na dumating ng HK same day ng Disneyland visit. iprepresent lang daw ang passport and ticket.

Ms. A said...

Hi Kuya Keith. Goodluck on your upcoming trip.

Havent heard of that promo ah but I've seen 50% promos sa packages ng cashcashpinoy and ensogo.