Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From Hongkong to Macau... continued

Sorry for the long wait...

There are places in Macau that should not be missed. What else but the casinos. I've posted some pics of Grand Emperor and Lisboa on my previous entry. Time for City of Dreams now.

City of Dreams is the newest addition to the numbers of casinos in the area. They offer free ride from Ruins of St. Paul. They even give free tickets to their featured shows. Even bottled water are free here :P

The 3d mermaid at the casino wall:

I have this video of the mermaid show. Hope this one works:

Here's another one:

The Dragon Show:

The famous Venetian where gold color is very prominent:

The famous "artificial sky" inside Venetian where the food court is. Its hard to believe that you're actually inside the building:

The Canal inside the building where you can have a Gondola ride. That bangkero is a Pinoy. How did I know? He called me "Kabayan", LOL:

From here, I rode a free bus ride going to the ferry boat to go back to Hongkong.