Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's been a little late but I had to get up and write something. My mind is full and I don't think I can have a good sleep without pouring this out. I know its not right to over-think but when you're in a situation when you're heart is taking the top spot over your mind, you need to have an outlet just to clear it. This situation is not new. In fact, it happened more than the fingers on my hand could count. Not just with me but to lots of girls out there.

Have anyone of you guys experienced this?

A nice girl got tired of believing in love. Got numb for a long time. Fall in-love and fall out of love the way guys play the game. Then suddenly someone came in. You let your guards down. Done everything to make things work. Felt like this time everything falls on their right places. Gave in to all his requests. Believes that this is it then all of a sudden... BOOM!

Should you go back to being numb? Pull up your guards again?

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